Second Metatarsal

What is the Second Metatarsal?

The second metatarsal bone is the metatarsal located at the proximal end of the second proximal phalanx of the foot. It corresponds to the second or index toe, similar to the second metacarpal in the hand. It is the longest among all the five metatarsals.

Structure and Markings

It is a lengthy bone comprising a head, body, and base.

Second Metatarsal Bone


At its base, there are 4 articular facets for the three cuneiform bones and the third metatarsal. These connections form an arch that functions as a keystone for the tarsometatarsal joints (joints between the tarsals and metatarsals in the foot). The bone also connects with the first metatarsal through a medial facet at its base.

On the distal side, it connects with the second proximal phalanx.

Muscle Attachment

  • The first dorsal interosseous muscle attaches to the medial part of the body of the second metatarsal bone.
  • The second dorsal interosseous muscle attaches to the lateral side of the body.


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